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Pumpkin Fest

October 27, 2018

We had 5 AMC's here ! Would have been 6, but this Orange Goat was brought instead of one of Doug's AMC's....

There were only 44 cars at this little show at Escondido High School. The Money goes to the Ag farm in the back ground, there's a lot more back there then you can see. I work at this High School District.

44 cars, and we have FIVE here ! NICE !

It's only a 3 hour show, as it should be, with that many cars. It was Hot, and I didn't get any pix of anything but our cars....I kinda' dropped the ball on that....

GLARE. My BBG, Richard's 68, Terry's SCRambler, Gordon's 74, and Mark's REAL "Donohue"!

4 of us trophied here !

Lucky Mark....a Mark Donohue....what more can I say !

Since I didn't get pix from this show, I did get a few from the Holiday Car Show & Toy Drive Nov. 3rd.