West Coast AMC

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Memorial Day Car Show

May 28, 2018

Inland Empire Classic Mustang Club had a Show on Memorial Day, on March Air Reserve Base store site. Smaller show then I thought it would be, but John and I were only there a few hours anyway.

It was a chance to get a little run in our AMX's, it was only 20 miles or so from John's house, sometimes the little shows are easier to deal with anyhow !

These were most of the cars here, It was an open show, but I didn't take pix of newer cars. Enjoy !

Absolutely Beautiful Boss !

Hard to believe this is worth 2 AMX's, but if AMX's were worth this much, and they should be, I wouldn't be able to afford one....so....I'm kinda' O.K. with it !

John's Garage ! His BEAUtiful Blue 69', the Red original 69' he's putting back together for Shelly (so she won't keep asking for a Pacer!), and his Challenger RT ! Wish I had this garage....