West Coast AMC

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Midnight at the Oasis

March 3, 2018

This Year Mark, Cindy & I made it, Dale and his folks had 3 cars coming, but Dale's Javelin was down, and his folks were under the weather, so they had to bale.

Jon & Gina are members of the "Lone Wolf Club", they had their 70' Javelin there with their club.

Found this little Bad Ass Hemi American, but never met the owner....

55' has always been one of my Favorites, this High Boy is Awesome. My second car was a 55' Chevy 2 door wagon, wish I still had it.

The Pantera Club usually has more cars here, there was one more elsewhere in the show, but I was on my way to chow, and never did get the oppertunity to grab a pix.

"Wadayaknow" ! I didn't know they made a Big Bad Green Chevelle !

Only 2 Willys ?


Love this show, but it's in the middle of "Nowhere", so it might be our last one. We've been here 6 times, and Cindy is over it.

Ripped off again, I need a truck, and I bought 3 and a half raffle tix for this one, and they gave it to someone else, and I'm bummed....