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Cruisin' Grand Fundraiser

January 14, 2018

This turned out pretty Good ! We ended up with 9 AMC's here !

I can't remember if Steve was here first....

But I was able to park in the left lane, and the canopy's under the light is where I was working the Show, Registration, and Raffle.

It was a Great spot to park, and I could watch my car from where I was.

Then Terry showed up, but it was full where we were.

shortly after, Gordan showed, and a real Big Bad Blue ! I found out this AMX was local, while looking for raffle prizes for this show. I got her info and left a message about this show.....and now I can't find her info....but, her brother passed away, she found this car buried under boxes, and had it brought back to life ! Nice !

Then John showed up and parked behind the BBB, so Terry moved his SCRambler over, and I moved over as well, and the Maroon 74 parked with us....sorry I can't remember the guys name, I was running back & forth getting the few pix I could while working the booth.

Then Doug showed up with his new purchase, a Bayshore 70 !

Finally, Richard made it !

And we have 9 !

Terry made a Muscle Machine for his AMX, and put that Bad Boy on his SCRambler Hood ! We hope someday, that someone will make a 70 AMX die cast.

It's Awesome when you run across a Real Big Bad, and we almost had two, but Jay had mechanical problems on his way down, so his BBO didn't make it....

This 68 Javelin is in pretty Nice shape, but I didn't get a real chance to check it out, I'm sure it was sold that weekend.

If I didn't have a Machine in my drive way, I would have bought it....

I didn't get but a few pix on anything but our cars, but this little Red Beauty caught my eye !

plus the red one behind the Javelin !

A Beautiful Rare Olds. This was a Great Show, kinda' wish I wasn't working it, we had a Good AMC Group here !