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Cruisin' Grand, Gasser Night

September 17, 2017

I was thinking there would be more here, but there were some old time racers here, Especially this AMX !!!! Yellow Fever ! and he already had a race set up with the Mopar next to him, for the Antique Drags at Barona the Day after Nitro Night !

Pretty Cool seeing an AMX here !

I met the owner of this car at the 2012 San Diego International Auto Show, I was invited to add my car to a 12 Muscle Car exhibit there, now That was Cool ! and this Vette was in it as well.

I think the '55 is one of my Favorite cars I've had, that was a LONG time ago....

Yep, I did sneak my car on their street, and they even invited me to their food spread they had.

And these guys also snuk in ! both have 401's ! both LOUD ! Sound Awesome ! I heard them when they cruised up Grand ! and both the Hornet & Gremlin look NEW ! These cars are Awesome ! Owned by Brothers, I think there are four or five of them, and I know they also have an AMX being built, and also a Red Convertible American with a 401 that I have seen ! It's an AMC Family.

My Baby !

Another guy who has a few cars, had just detailed his AMX, looks like New as well....there are some pretty nice AMC's around here, that are not interested in cruisin' with us....kinda' sucks....

These people recently got this Hornet, they have a few cars as well, maybe we will see them around ?

Just a few cars that caught my eye this evening.

This would have been my pick for Best of the Night ! Beautiful !