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Central Coast AMC Rambler Show

September 9, 2017

Pacific Gold Rush Ramblers put on another show in Santa Maria, Awesome weather ! We've been burning up in SoCal, and this was a Nice Cool change ! It's about 6 hours for us, with gassing up, Lunch, and of course our crazy traffic. They had 30 cars here, they were hoping for more, but maybe next year....it's hard to find AMC'ers out here.

We headed up Thursday Morning, and were able to meet up with Dave & Kati on the way up, unplanned, but we were happy to....just not sure if they were ! They brought their Fairlane as well, the Fairlane Club was having a show at the same place, at the same time, so we got to party with them !

We stopped at a lake on the way, for a few pix, and a little break. On Friday, they had a cruise to C&S Vette resto shop, Very Cool place, and I have pix up on the next post. Last year it was to the Mendenhall Museum, so two years and two Great Friday Cruise's ! I'll be back....just to see if they can find someplace just as awesome.

Show Time ! And the morning starts off with a ?pink?car? Yep ! That's the 1968 Playmate of the Year AMX, restored to her original Beauty ! I would be surprised if your an AMC'er, and haven't seen it yet, Mark takes her Everywhere ! East Coast, West Coast, Have Truck will Travel !

Two SC/Ramblers here ! Steve Fox's "A", and Mario Sampaolo's "B" , Also Stan's little American in Red & White, Love that Car ! It's the American fender I took the Flag pix of, on pix 1.

Pam Frisbie (from our neck of the woods), hauls a lot of trophys home with her 1965 Marlin, it's Pretty Nice ! And not to be out done, Eva Kelly's 1965 Marlin is also Pretty Damn Nice ! (White & Aqua). Also had two Gremlins here, Joe Fulton's Green 1976, and John Johnstone's Yellow 1973, with the Smiley Face Seats ! I wouldn't mind owning one of these !

I'm kinda partial to these little cars, they didn't make many, and people usually think they are Javelins, even had some ask if it's a Gremlin, I guess cuz' it's green ? Whatever. I took a great shot of John's Beautiful Blue 1969, but it was blurry when I got home, so we are sharing the top pix. Dave's SWEET White 1968, with a 401 ! and another BBG 1970, with a !427! Sounds Amazing !

Stan and Jace brought these two little Americans up top, the cute little R&W 1966, and the Yellow Conv. 1965 Leroy Kelly's 1965 Green American (Nice!) and he's building this cute little 1963 American Conv. for his Wife, Manju Kelly ! So, what's more American, then a Car that has American right on the Fender !?!

I have to say, they had some NICE AMC's here ! Like Steve Green's Red 1959 Rambler American, Chris Jones's White 1964 Ambassador 990H, Bill & Kelly Adams's Yellow 1965 Ambassador Conv., and David Jasso's Tan/Brown 1965 Ambassador !

O.K. This thing is Amazing, I wouldn't want it, but in a way, I love it ! Adam Ross brought his 1961 Rambler Ambassador. It's got some crazy lines, weird angles, and some great Chrome.

Like Stan, this guy is another AMC/Rambler Nut ! I don't know how many of these things he has, but he brought 5 to this show ! We will start with Ken Norman's 1960 American Super, and it's kinda Pink ! His Gold 1962 American, with only 34,000 miles ! his White 1962 American Wagon 400 series, and his big Red 1966 loaded Ambassador ! Next !

Yep ! Ken has a Real Rebel ! a 1966 with Air, Factory 4-Speed, & Tach ! and it looks New !

TWO Pacers !!! and I didn't see any Fish....I keep hearing they come with Fish? Cindy Kelly has this 1978 Pacer, I think it's like the Newest car here ! and Shelby Wright has the 1977 Pacer Wagon....though I can't much tell the diff in a wagon from the car ! And doesn't it also seem,with a name like Shelby, he should be driving a Cobra, or Mustang, with said name ? I'm glad he doesn't, I like seeing him at our shows !

A little bitty Metropolitan showed up with a for sale sign, but no info card, it would be a shoe box for me, I wear 16's ! g-mans 1980 Spirit, and this 1924 Nash kept following us all week ! on the Cruise, to the Vette Shop, Lunch, everywhere ! He couldn't go but 35 miles an hour, but he was always there before we got parked ! I believe the owner is Warren Martin, and it's TOO COOL !

These two guys were at the Vette Shop, and used to work there, and Nash Hounds ! I have a few pix in the Vette Resto post. and Yes, that is a Nash Healey !

Tried to get some overall pix of the show field, from the top of Ken's Hauler.

The Best pix with our American Flag, and the AMC Flag opened up !

The Info, reg, ticket, and Everything Booth, with these Kelly People all over it !

And the Winners are ! well, all these people !

Check out those Plates !!! See U in Vegas ! (my wife sez' it's not Vegas....it's not)(but it's where 70 plus AMC's will be in November!)