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Lake Arrowhead Car Show

July 29, 2017

Steve headed up with a VDub buddy with his SCRambler, and John, and Cindy & I cruised up together. Not a bad drive, a little tight on some of the mountain run, but it went smoothly ! and it was pretty damn nice up there !

We were able to park together, which almost didn't happen, but it worked out, right in the middle of the "Village".

Not as many cars here as I expected, but I don't think there was room for more anyway.

And the weather was Awesome.

....yea, she looks pretty good....all our cars do !

Nice selection of rides here !

It was an open show, and I didn't take pix of the newer rides....except this one....I kinda' Like it !

My camera didn't get the real blue out of this Camaro, it was "BEAUtiful" , I've never seen that color of Blue before.

The Mach fuzzed out, Sharp Car.

....all I can say is "WOW"!

Pink Panther.

The Camaro Club got a great spot by the water, probably got there at 5 or 6am for that spot....I'm good with our spot....and sleeping in a little.

A Beautiful Vette overlooking part of the lake, with a Rabbit? or Unicorn? or? whatever in the background.

Cindy's (our) friend from our neighborhood, Cathy, and Cindy & I, on the dock, where her Family has a "Cabin", with thier boat at the end of the dock (yep, got a ride!). And I had to take a pix of a corner post on one of the houses up there, pretty damn Cool !

Got to stay the night in thier little Cabin, little bitty place will only sleep 30 people. Had a hell of a time finding a bed I liked !