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West Coast ALL AMC Show

May 20, 2017

We weren't sure how this show was going to turn out, but our Club came through ! We had 31 cars show up, and another 6 that pre-reg'd, even knowing they could not make it ! A few came without their cars, and lot's of Raffle prize's were donated by Members ! How Cool is that !

Speaking of Cool, it wasn't, it was HOT ! Thought I was in AZ ! but our T Shirts were Very Cool ! It really wasn't that bad, I didn't get as many pix as I usually do, I was working the show, but we did get the hoods down after the ballots were turned in, so I got pix of all the cars, as they should be, Badass', like they should !

I started my pix next to the info booth and went around the show field (just happens my baby was first), my BBG, Dave's 68, Gordon's 74, and John's 68.

John's 69, Mark's 69, Cam's BBO (Best of Show), and Allen's 68 RW&B.

Don's 68, Jerry's 68 (Original owner), Mark's PlayMate (the REAL One), Alan's 69.

Sorry, I forgot the info on the Jeep, Hobie's 68, Jace's 68, Richard's 68.

Dale's 70, Jim's 70, Dan's Machine, Megan's 74 (last years Best of Show)

Nacho's 68 SST, We just found out Nacho passed away a few month's ago....Christy's 62, Pamela's Marlin (best of show 2 years ago, Steve's SC/Rambler.

Douglas's 72 X, Louis's 60, and two Fletcher's with 2 pop top Rogues, imagine that !

Stan's 61 (I thought he was "The Marlin Man" ? Bring the Flag's and you can bring anything you want ! Sonny's 72, I didn't get info on the flat black.... and the Cat, well, it drag'd in info on the Orphan show they put on every year, it has an AMC Class !

Just a few hoods I got a quick look under.

a few more.

Bunch of Raffle Prize's, bunch of our Peep's, bunch of Peep's buy'n Tix, and I always like git'n shots of our Flags (in case you hadn't noticed).

SoCalAMX lost two Members recently, both loved their AMC's, and were easy to talk to.... Keith Magee was one of the original members of SoCalAMX, I got to talk to him a few times at shows, a Great guy.............. Wife and Family brought Nacho Chavez's Rebel out to share with us one more time, and to let us know he was gone. I only knew him for awhile, maybe 6 or 8 Shows, but I was happy to call him my friend. A great guy, and I will miss him. His Rebel won an award here as well.

And the Show Winners are (top 12 peoples choice) Steve-SC/Rambler, Pamela- Marlin, Alan-AMX, Louis-American, John-AMX, Don-AMX, Mark-Rogue, Mark-AMX.

Jim-AMX, Jerry-AMX, Megan-Jav/AMX, and Best of Show went to Cam Earnshaw's 1969 BBO AMX (Looks like New) from Sedona ! NICE !

A pix of the ruling class, with flying colors. We may have had a Fly Over, but I don't remember....

And some fluff pix.

A few more. Did I mention we had 14 AMX's ? and it's our 50th Anniversary for the AMX next Year ! I know, I know, the Javelin as well !

We knew it was over when the cops showed up....C U next Year !