West Coast AMC

Past Events

opening night of Cruisin' Grand

March 31, 2017

The opening night of Cruisin' Grand ! and I waited for people to show up, and never got to walk the show....by the time we got organized, and had dinner, it was getting dark out....but we had some Good Food & a few Drinks !

So it was Me & my BBG, Steve & his SCRambler, Doug brought his AAR Cuda, and his son Tyler was bringing Doug's Machine, but he was running late

Everywhere was packed except South Broadway, they usually have a specialty class, or Club in this area. Gordon showed up with his 74 Javelin/AMX as we were heading to dinner, he parked behind the green Willys up in front of us, and NO, I didn't get a pix....

Tyler came and ate with us, and it was already dark when we got back to the cars....so, The Machine at Night.

To top it off, were these two Beautiful AMC's, it was way too dark to get any pix that would show you how these guys have put all the Love and hard work into the Baby's. I also saw two Hudson's driving out as we reached our cars. ah'hell.