West Coast AMC

Past Events

Cruisin' Grand Fundraiser

February 19, 2017

Well....it rained/drizzled till almost noon....so maybe half the cars came that were expected, so Cruisin' Grand will start the year in the hole. BUT, we had Five cars here ! could have been 8 or 9 if the weather would have been accommodating, BUT, we had five cars here ! did I already mention that ?

I was working the check-in/info/raffle booth, I collected raffle prizes for the last two weeks, and my hip was real sore, so I couldn't walk around to get pix, except a few of our cars, they were just across the street from the booth. We were able to park in a row, because the rain made it easy parking ! And these guys were Awesome to come out in the rain and support this great show ! Behind me were Mark, Gordon, Steve, and Terry ! And Richard came up in his civi car to throw a few bucks into the show, and Doug as well !

Now for the Unexpected ! While I was working the booth, they were doing the Five awards for the show, someone said "listen up Randy", and I got half of it, WE, our Five cars, got "Best Club Participation", The five of us lined up, it really was hard to miss, I heard people talking, and I think Richard and Doug signed up under us....And, for the raffled car poster spot, Doug Coull got it ! and he said he was probably going to put his SCRambler on it ! TOO Coull ! I want to Thank these guys for making my work here well worth it ! Five AMC's, 7 Members, a Club Plaque, and an AMC going onto this years Poster !

Thanks Gordon, for sending me Pix ! Mark sent me a few as well, but I couldn't make them work. Enjoy !

I can't believe these guys came out in the rain ! There was even a Cobra out here with a soft top on it !