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January 14, 2017

I've been here the lasy 8 years, but I had hip surgery the day before this show, so I missed it....These 3 cars are from the same family, and they like 401's ! The American & the Gremlin were here last year, and the Hornet was ready this year, the next pix has what I wrote last year;

The Morales Brothers, Nick with the 66 Convertible (Mild 401), also has a near completion 72 Hornet with a 401. John has a 72 Gremlin with a 401 that doesn't sound stock in ANY way ! Louie is building a 70 AMX. And Steve has a 60 Ford Sunliner....I wonder if he was adopted ? There's a 5th brother and a sister, I wonder what they drive ?

They seem to like these old 401's, I guess if they tried to clean them up a little, they might be O.K. !

Our group did have 3 cars here, although they were scattered out, this is Dale's Donohue, Steve's SCRambler, and Terry's 70 AMX. We usually park together, but someone has to be here around 5AM to hold the spots.....and have people pissed off at you for doing it too !

All I can say is WOW! Now I'm REALLY Sorry I missed this Show, these are too Cool !

And Again ! I have to Thank Terry and Gordon for getting me pix of this show !

I Love these old setups, and I don't think I remember this car.

It's Cool to see these old Studebakers too, specially when they trick them out.

Lots of Beauties here, as alway.

Wish I had better shots of the Graham.

Looks like a wasp, ready to attack !

Good mix of cars here ! as always !

It rained the day before AND the day after this show !

I don't know how many cars they had, but it's been 500 to almost 700 in the last 8 years.

All the trophy's are hand made for this show, and they spend all year looking for the right pieces for each one, the models are patina'd to look like real rust, and they do!

I wish I had the talent to do this stuff....

Thought I might end this with a MEAN Face !....I'll be here next year !