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1968 AMX

1968 AMX

I bought the car in 1984 from the 1st owner for $5,000.
I put the car in storage from 1984 to 1994 and took it out Immediately right after I went to a Car Show after telling Someone The Famous "I have a car just like that". The guy turned to Me and said, Where is it ? naturally I said, “it is in Storage"....He asked how long was it in storage, I said 10 years, then he stung me, and asked how much I paid per month to keep in storage, I said very proudly, Well it is stored inside and I pay $125.00 per month. The guy looked at me like I was crazy or from another planet and asked me, Is the car worth it ?....I said “WHAT????” The old guy pointed out, well, $125.00 per month (X) 12 months (X’s) 10 years = $15,000 +.... So, so far you have over $20,000 invested in the car just sitting there....

“I TOOK THE CAR OUT OF STORAGE” the NEXT Weekend ! And that was in 1994.

Now, since then, My car has been up on Stilts more that it has been on the road.
I have Rebuilt my engine 2 times;

1st because I wanted to beef up the engine.
2nd because the Dyno Shop didn’t turn my engine Off when the fuel pump eccentric broke on the brand new cam and bent the end of the cam....Amazing....
Some of the new parts include, Ross Piston Milodon Timing Gears, Elderbrock Air gap Intake, etc. too many to name.

Put in the MSD Ignition system with the MSD Distributor including the timing advance box.

Converted the manual steering to Power Steering – Nice!!!
Took my T-10 out and put a A-727 TorqueFlite Transmission in from a 1971 Duster, That was fun – especially with the right parts.

1st to put a Gear Vendor in and AMX, what a chore, and I am still making Changes and corrections. My suggestion to everyone is to just buy a 4 speed transmission with overdrive…
(Less expensive and time consuming)

Converted my windows to Power Window, That was fun!!! Not.

Installed keyless entry system and alarm.

Then naturally I had to put power cut outs in the car.


All in All, it has been quite the ride and now I can be considered a valued resource of information, I definitely paid my dues…..

We have a great group !