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Brian Jones

San Diego


1972 Javelin SST

I've owned through the years 1974 AMX 401 4spd, 1971 Javelin SST 360 AT, 1969 AMX BBB 390 4 spd, 1969 Javelin SST 343 4spd.
The current car, 72 Javelin SST 258 at (nicknamed Birdie), was bought in Missouri for $3500. It had been parked in Oklahoma for the better part of twenty years.
There was documentation inside the car (along with around a dozen Charlie Pride eight-tracks) that showed the odometer reading of 62,000 miles to be correct.
The sun did not do the interior of the car any favors, but the body and floor is solid. I changed fluids, alternator, starter, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, belts, battery
and filters and the 258 fired up!. New tires and new suspension bushings followed as did brake pads, and shoes. Ahh, the joys of owning a thirty year old car that
saw very little love! I recently picked up a virgin 401 block for future installation. The Silver State Classic is on my "bucket list" Birdie will be there with me. Future
include a ten point roll cage and either a modern overdrive automatic or a stick with a custom hand clutch (like a motorcycle) due to my paralyzed left leg.